Don’t be a Flake Sugar Plum swathes

I love when nail polish titles come together to make a curt WordPress Title, it could also go the other way Sugar Plum Don’t be a flake.

I still have a few bottles of polish laying around that I have not used or swatched and seem to be getting to them slowly. I filed and glued my nails on at work and did the acrylic at home cause it stinks so bad.

don't be a flake over sugar plum

Orly sugar plum

Chine Glaze dont be a flake

Color Show Street Art swatches

Another boring day in work land….sigh work is boring right now, my social life is boring right now, and my love life is boring right now. This is pretty much how I am feeling right now:


My nail art today is me swatching these glitter polishes I had for over a year now and playing with stripping tape I have not touched in forever.

Street Art swatches

Ruby Kisses red cameo

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Wet n Wild French tip white

Sinful Colors endless blue

Maybelline Color Showwild at heart

Maybelline Color ShowBlue Beats

Maybelline Color Shownighttime noise

4 Alarm Fire and Varsity Blues swatch

Look at me just cranking out the pictures. I have a ton of polish that I never swatches that I am trying to put in my nail polish drawer and clean up some space on my shelf.

4 Alarm fire is a free polish I received from Ipsy.

4 alarm fire

Next, I painted another Funky Fingers polish called Varsity Blues over the pink.

varsity blues over 4 alarm fire

Aurora Gel Effects 4 alarm fire

Funky Fingers varsity blues

Neon Stars and Broken Sea Glass swatch

This demotion thing is turning out nicely. I have two mani’s that I did  on Friday  the 2nd one was due to the nail stickers were not staying down and I forgot to bring a clear coat.

1st up is a mani I created with black polish with Neon Stars.

Neon stars over black polishRuby Kisses HD pitch black darkness

2nd mani was with another of my new glitters that I had sitting around that never used that contains white, green, blue, and purple hexagon glitter.

Broken sea glass over black polish

Ruby Kisses pitch black darkness

Funky Fingers broken sea glass

Absolute swatch and Glitter placement mani


Still getting back into the swing of things.  The work scandal is over, but now everyone is wandering around like a chicken with their head cut off on what to do next.  As for personal life me and the ex are still trying to co-habitate and I am experiencing bouts of depression from time to time. I just have this huge sense of loneliness I don’t want to be in a relationship, but I do want someone there, its hard to explain and I hope it goes away. I feel this is just my not being single since 19 and not knowing how to be by myself.

Anywho, a friend of mine at work had me sign up for ipsy, which sends you free stuff every month with a $10 subscription. I have so far received eye-make up and hair stuff along with two nail polishes. The one I am showing now is from a company called Absolute New York. The color was really pretty, but drying was kind of chalky.

absolute new  york

Absolute New York Turquoise

With my demotion I have all of this spare time I just finish my 5th book in 3 weeks and I painted my nails at work. This might be a new thing and I can get my challenges done in a more timely manner. I added a new glitter top coat I got from 5Below called I <3 U.

I 3 u over  turquoiseFunky Fingers i 3 u

My 1st Blobbicure

So I have to call it quits with trying to complete the OMD3 challenge. With my personal life and work scandal that is going on I just don’t have the time or energy to do my nails. That how down in the dumps I know I am I am if I don’t even want to paint my nails. Anywho, this is my 1st attempt at doing a Blobicure manicure, I was inspired by someone else’s nails but had to tweak it a bit as my lines were not coming in as tiny as I liked.

1st blobicure

Avon floraluscious

Wet n Wild i need a refresh-mint

Ulta boogie nights

black acrylic paint

OMD3- Polka Dot

Grrr…. have not been doing much nail painting and I feel like it is because I am becoming depressed. The demotion is not all that bad, but some of the other supervisors are treating me different though I did nothing wrong, I did not ask for this and I feel that it was done due to my boss does not like me. The break-up is doing its thing we are trying to both do our own thing, but live together so we see each other every day and still nit pick at each other. I am feeling a bit lonely as I feel like I have lost a few friends in the matter as well. It could be me pulling away or I’m just imagining things. On to the mani. I saw this really pretty picture of black nails with colorful polka dots and was going to do the same thing, as I was putting one of the colors in I thought it looked cool the way it was so left it alone. I got lazy and did not want to walk to my nail polish bin so I just used the colors that I never put away that I used on my last mani.

OMD3 polka dot

Ruby Kisses HD pitch black darkness

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Ruby Kisses tropical blend

Avonpronto purple

Zoya pippa

Santee Plus vikini green

white acrylic paint

I also forgot to show my new hair color, I have had it in for about a month now and am about to change it to purple. I decided to try the grey style that has been going around. It was fun for a bit, not sure if I will circle back around to it.

black and grey hair


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