N.A.I.L.- Skulls

I am a bit behind in posting, but I am not feeling very inspired to paint my nails. I don’t know if it is the lack of sleep, but I just can’t get motivated to sit still and paint my nails. For skulls I wanted to do a sugar skull mani, but I could not find my razor blades to cut up my fimo canes. I decided to use acrylic paint instead. They turned out pretty cute, but I took it off as soon as I took the picture. Check out photos below Nail prompt to see how our adult prom turned out.N.A.I.L -skulls

NYC- French tip white

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

acrylic paint


Adult Prom photos :

We had a prom theme cash pool tournament and everyone showed up dressed to impress. Here are some of my favorite photos. I totally went out and got pink hair to match my outfit.

britt, lindsey, and mepink hair dont care brittany and vernon lindsey an Dave me and eddie me and mike

N.A.I.L.- Hearts

I recently purchased some acrylic paint as I wanted to start doing DIY 3d decals. When I went out instead of buying color acrylic I bought glitter acrylic. I was happy when I first bought it, but now I am looking at it like what am I going to do with it now. I decided to use the acrylic glitter with hearts in it. I’m not a fan of the way the black and gold hearts turned out, but loved the white and iridescent hearts looked.

N.A.I.L- heartsBlack and white glitter acrylic




N.A.I.L. – Hot Pink

Hello All,

I seem to be a bit behind with my postings, but I am still painting my nails. For the hot pink prompt I didn’t do anything crazy just color and metallic nail studs.

N.A.I.L.- hot pinkRuby Kisses pink flamingo

Metallic nail studs



Winter Trees

I bought these cool nail wraps about a year ago and totally forget which site I bought it from. I at first thought they were water decal stickers, but they are a full nail sticker that you place on your nail. I got a lot of compliments and my one friend from far away thought it was a marble design I can see where she thinks it looks like that. If she would of seen what the whole sticker looked like before I cropped it she would know that it was actually bare trees in the winter  I found out by happy accident that the nails glow in the dark.

Nail wrapsNYC. French tip white

Tainted Love

Hello All,

I am in such high spirits today. I just go promoted to Supervisor at my job of 5 years and am not getting paid salary for the first time ever ! Today I am feeling extra girly so have on a maxi skirt with boots with a sheer top on and I feel like looking pretty is boosting my mood today. Any who I saw this cool heart design while looking for inspriation on the internet and thought why not. I cold have saved it for the February N.A.I.L challenge, but I have something else in mind for that. I keep thinking of the Soft Cell song ” Tainted Love” when every I look at my nails, don’t ask me why.

tainted love

Ruby Kisses HD pitch black darkness

acrylic paint

N.A.I.L- Tye Dye

Hello, I am so proud of this mani I just want to burst. First I am sporting a new nail shape that I did on my own ( so proud of myself)  almond nails ! It was super easy to do , all I did was cut and shape and wah-lah! On to my mani, I did a dry tie-dye on accent nails and then I did a gem border mani with tiny caviar beads in between on my other nails. This has to be to me the coolest thing I have done in a while.

N.A.I.L tie-dye

right hand

N.A.I.L- Tie dyed



Ruby Kisses yellowed out

NYX ruby red

Pure Ice free spirit free spirit

Sinful Colors midnight blue

multi-colored gems

silver caviar beads

N.A.I.L. January '15

N.A.I.L.- Newspaper Nails

What is black and white and red all over? My nails…. and the prompt for his weeks N.A.I.L. newspapers. I  I did not have rubbing alcohol so I first tried the water method, this worked, but it was too light for me so I  decided to be daring and use nail polish remover since it contains alcohol. The 1st nail I tried, the thumb nail came out the best then after that I started having some issues. I though it would be cheeky to do a read boarder and incorporate the age old newspaper joke.

N.A.I.L.- newspaper nails


NYC French tip white

acrylic paint


N.A.I.L. January '15



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