So this was my first time doing the splatter affect on my nail’s, it actually was a lot easier than I thought it would be. What I did was a little research before I attempted to do my little project. Most of the sites I found people use a straw to use do the splatter affect others use brushes, as to I do not have brushes yet ( sooo trying to acquire them) I used a straw.

What I did was cut up a small coffee stirrer straw into smaller pieces, you are going to blow the nail polish onto your nails. Next, I painted my nails black for a base coat, others have chose white and I think I will try that next time.

Then  I chose 4 colors that I wanted on my nail, i was going for the retro look so I chose White, Yellowed out, Barbie purple, and neon green. ( eventually I will get to doing swatches). Sites that I researched said to use the lightest colors first then work your way to the darker.

Then, I dipped one end of the straw into my nail polish making sure that the hole was completely covered. The next step was to blow into the straw, if I did not research this I would have done this completely wrong. The trick is to blow into the straw as if you are saying the word two, putting emphasis on the “t”. At first I tried to blow into it like I was blowing bubbles into soda and nothing was happening, I remembered what I read and did it like I was saying two and it was smooth sailing from there.


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