I love Avon

So one of my good friends is a Avon rep and I have ordered from her multiple times. this last order I was really excited about. I bought a nail dryer that was in the kids section for 10 bucks not bad I also go some more nail polish and nail glitter which I will show on later post. What I am showing now is this awesome vampire ring and spider ring and earrings.

 This is the cool vampire ring I ordered, the beads are supposed to be like drops of blood. This is what it looks like on.

Next is the spider two finger ring. The web is on one finger an a chain is attached to a tiny spider that you put on another finger. The middle of the spiders body is made of pearls. The spider web has diamonds on certain points of the web.

Not sure how to wear it correctly but I put the spider 2 fingers from the finger I put the web so it looks like it is crawling on a string. The next item I acquired is the spider web earrings, I could of also gotten the necklace that matched but I felt it was overboard.

spider earrings

Was not feeling photogenic today so I did not take a pic of me wearing them. Hey a girl has to have some bad days.


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