Reunion class of 2002

This weekend was my high school reunion, boy where has the time gone? I wanted to go in with a bang due to I look nothing like I did in high school,  ( one of my nicknames was ironing board, if you don’t get it you were not part of the itty bitty titty committee) so I decided to wear my brown  sweater dress that accentuated my curves. I wanted a nail design that matched my outfit as well.

1-8-2013 1-36-38 PM 1-8-2013 1-37-50 PM 1-8-2013 1-38-44 PM


Ruby Kisses HD- Chocolate Romance

Ruby Kisses- Blues Clue

light blue gem

Let’s just say the reunion was a fail. I went in there thinking I have grown and come out of my shy shell that I will rock this thing. Soon as I walked in I resorted back to high school. I stuck with my group of friends while the ” popular” kids were social butterflies. If it was a regular night at any bar I probably have spoken to these people with no problem. I can’t say I did not have fun with my friends but I did not rock out with my cock out like I wanted.


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