Dec 12th Holiday Movie

I was not a fan of this challenge. I swore off all holiday movies and refuse to watch any of them when they come on TV. I know its a shame and I have a 8  year old. Its not that I’m anti- Christmas I just think I grew out of it. Except for Shrek’s Christmas- when Puss was telling the night before x-mas and his eyes got huge when he was playing with the Christmas balls.

So for the the challenge I asked people what their favorite movie was and the majority was Christmas Vacation. I tried to do a santa getting electrocuted like on the cover of the movie. Again I have no artistic talent whatsoever.

xmas cover

12-28-2012 10-05-18 PM Base coat: Ruby Kisses- Steel Magnolia

Santa outfit- Kiss Striper- red, Sally Hansen nail art pen- Black and White

Body: Ruby Kisses- Madmoiselle

Lights: Klean Color – Neon Yellow, Kiss Striper- Blue, Ruby Kisses- Neon Green

Electricity: Kiss Striper – Pearl Gold


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