Dec. 14th- Gifts

I had to do this nail design early due to I will not be going home tonight so would not have anything to submit tomorrow and the next time I would be near a computer would be Monday.

I know it sounds kind of vain but I thing this is the best work I have done so far. Sorry for the lack of clean up I wanted a pick before I messed it up or broke a nail

12-28-2012 8-59-56 PM

Thumb: NYX Ruby Red, Ribbon- Kiss Striper Yellow, Bow- Kiss Striper Green

Index: Maybeline Color Show Orange Fix, Ribbon- Kiss Striper Green, Bow- Kiss Striper red

Middle: Ruby Kisses Yellowed Out, Ribbon- Kiss Striper Red, Bow- Kiss Striper Blue

Ring: NYX Hunter Green, Ribbon-Ink Striper Orange, Bow- Kiss striper Yellow

Pinky: Ruby Kisses ” Look at Me” Purple, Ribbon-Kiss Striper Blue, Bow- Maybeline Color show Orange Fix


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