New Years!!!!

So excited that new years is finally here. I tried out a lot of ideas and finally picked something (runners up will be shown below). I saw this beautiful background when I was looking to change my computer wallpaper and decided to do the design on my left hand. For the thumb I did fireworks.


1-8-2013 10-59-57 AM

Very happy how this turned out but the gold outline for the 3 looks bad,

Basecoat:SinfulColors Black on Black covered by The Color Workshop (no  name) black with green  and purple glitter

2013: clear gems

2013 outline: Klean Color Gold Bright

Fireworks: Ruby Kisses HD Tinkerbell Teal,Klean Color Gold Bright, NYC in a new york minute Tribeca Silver

On my right hand I did a out line of a city with fireworks in the sky.

1-8-2013 11-00-43 AM

Base Coat: Ruby Kisses Regaled Out Blue

Buildings: Sinful Colors Black on Black

Lights:Klean Color Neon Yellow

Fireworks:Ruby Kisses Barbie Purple,Ruby Kisses Neon Green (thumb) Ruby Kisses Blues Clue (index) Ruby Kisses Tangerine(Middle)Klean Color white Avon Viva Pink(ring) NYC in  a new york minute Tribeca Silver

Here are the ones that didnt make it:



1-8-2013 11-02-27 AM

botched mirror ball

Champagne Glasses

Champagne Glasses


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