R.I. P- Aunt Fee

I have not posted anything new for a few days as my Aunt has been ill and finally passed away on 1/8. I just want to write something down to show my appreciation for this incredible woman.


My Aunt was not big on showing her emotions to people, unless she was upset at you or you needed a good talking to then boy, did you hear what she had to say. I’m not saying she was uncaring or mean she just was not overly affectionate  with the kissing and the hugging. She showed she cared in different ways be it she slid you some extra money when she know you didn’t have any, or chewing you out if you did something wrong. She was one of those people that told you how it was and how she felt, she sugar coated nothing she would tell you straight out to go to hell or call you a liar to your face. 🙂  Trust me it was never a dull moment when you went to stay at her house for the summer.

Its sad to see her go as she was the voice and head of the family. Family reunions, cook-outs, and sleep overs were all held at her house. She had her quirks as well: Whenever there was a thunderstorm we all had to turn off all the lights and TV’s and be quite till it passed and she was always locking us out of the house in the summer time due to us always coming in and out and wasting her air conditioning.

She was a proud church going woman as well. There was never a Sunday she missed and she sang in the choir too. As a kid I did not go to church unless it was Christmas of Easter, but when you went to visit her she made you go everyday,there was not getting out of it.

It was sad to see her in the end. She lost her sight and was starting to lose circulation in her fingers and toes and had already started surgery on getting the ones affected removed. Dialysis was also taking its toll on her as she was loosing her spunk that we all knew and loved about her.

” Aunt Fee you will be missed. You were more than a Aunt to me you were like another parent, when mine was not around to do what they were supposed to. No one can ever replace you. We might joke around and tell the stories of the funny things you have done, but we do it out of love and that is how we best remember you”


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  1. It’s very hard to loose a family member. We need to cherish the times we have together and also remember them after they are long gone. My mom has been gone more than 25 yrs now and it’s rare a day goes by, I don’t think of her. Sounds like your aunt did not have great quality of life toward the end. It’s different for everyone. But many seem to deal with it being time to go than others do. I hope when it’s my time I face it with strength and grace. I only once have been told I would not make it from a massive bacterial infection that I had fought for over 1 yr, the entire time in the hospital. I survived that despite all odds. I try to always remember what ‘that big stuff’ was so that I take the rest life has to dish out to me better and realize it’s a lot of smaller stuff. I wish you and your family much peace at this time. It’s perhaps the hardest I think right after someone leaves us. The void is always there but for me, the hole of that void is felt more right after.

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