Pre-Spring Challenge- Day 3 Green

Home sweet Home! Finally back from my visit from South Carolina for my Aunts funeral and to spending time with the fam that lives there. Never been down there in the winter time so I was shocked when I saw people running around in winter jackets and snow boots, I’m so used to shorts and no jackets. The only bad thing about the trip was I left my camera down there and have to see if I can get my uncle to mail it back to me 😦

I did come back to see a amazing nail art challenge put up by and  Pre Sping Challenge contest. springchallenge
It looks super fun, but looking at all the entries makes me realize that anything I produce would not ever be up to par to those ladies. So I will just post them on my site and admire what those inspiring ladies are producing .

greenSorry for the lack of clean up. I finished at 2:00 am and was too tired to do anything. I just looked what the next day challenge is supposed to be and guess I am ahead of myself.

Base Coat: Santee Plus Vikini Green

Flower head: Ruby Kisses Yellowed Out

Petals: Sally Hansen nail art pen White

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