Pre-Spring Challenge Day 5 Sky

I was really excited for this one as I wanted to try a idea I had in my head out. The idea was to paint my nails in a silver color and paint it over with a blue crackle polish. Then I was going to make clouds at the top of the nail to make it appear like lightning. It makes sense in my mind but I could not figure out how to make it work in real life. Oh well ….I ended up doing lightning. I love storms and lightning is one of my favortie things to look at in the sky.

pre spring nail art challenge day 5 sky

Base coat: SinfulColors Black on Black

Gradient (sponge): Santee Plus Sky Blue, then SinfulColors Let’s Talk,  next Essie Aruba Blue.

Lightning Bolt: Ruby Kisses HD Whiter than White

Glitter: Kiss striper Pearl Gold

Sorry for the crappy pic. Still waiting for my camera to be mailed back to me. The pic does not show the sponge gradient I did behing the lightning bolt.


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