Happy V-day

Happy Valentines day loves. My favorite thing about this holiday is the conversation candy hearts by Necco. I am so addicted to them, my addiction is so bad my mom would go  buy bags and bags of them once the holiday was over since they are on sale  and give them to me. I have been disappointed the past few years as the company has change the taste of the product and they now have flavors like blueberry and strawberry, I’m sorry and idk if it was just me but I love the chalky taste of the original candy…..sigh I almost lost hope till I saw on amazon that you can order the candy through them with its original taste. Please believe that I will be ordering in bulk. I tried to do  mani to honor the candy but my Kiss red glitter striper was all goopy and didn’t want to cooperate.

candy hearts 1candy hearts 2

Base Coat: Santee Sky Blue

Thumb:Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Index:Wet n Wild Tropicalia

Middle: NYC Lexington Yellow

Ring: Ruby Kisses French White

Pinky: Wet n Wild On a Trip

Wording: Kiss striper Red Glitter ( R.I.P it needed to be tossed)

I though it was funny to put I do on the ring finger. 🙂


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