R.I.P. to a ex

I’m really shocked how upset I felt just finding out a ex of mine passed away last night. Even though we have not dated since 3 years ago I took this really hard. I found out last night from my current boyfriend that he hung himself. I couldn’t believe it I just saw him on Friday night and the last thing I said to him was stay out of trouble. Wow what a last thing to say to someone !

Everyone has their ex’s that mean something different to them, you have the asshole, the one who wouldn’t grow up and so forth. This one was the one that got away, when we first dated I felt so comfortable with him.He looked like a thin Billy Zane and he had a low voice like him too! We did not have that awkward faze it was like I knew him my whole life. Not to say bad about the dead, but we broke up the first time due to he was a little to wild when he was drunk and the 2nd time ( never dated anyone twice is a rule that I broke with him) was due to he cheated one me. I wish it could have worked out with us, but it was not meant to be. My heart goes out to his family.

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