Kiss All or One Artificial nail remover

Before I get onto posting my horrible trip to South Carolina, it was so bad I cried, I wanna talk about some of the nails stuff I got there. I have now made it a rule when I visit a new state I have to buy a new brand of polish. I will do the polish on another post but I wanted to show the artificial nail remover I found at the CVS down there.

I wear fake nails on a regular basis and it is a pain to take nails off when it is time to put on a fresh bunch. I saw this nail remover and knew I had to have it. I saw it online and we do not carry it in any of the local stores in PA. I happen to go to a CVS in Myrtle Beach, SC and had to nab it up.

kiss all or one fake nail removerBasically you can soak all of your nails or one at a time if you need to do so. There are little, I guess plastic brushes in the container and after soaking your nail from 2 mins you start twisting your nail in the container. The twisting was odd to me so I just rubbed up against the brushes. after about 5 mins Presto! the fake nails and glue were all gone. It did dry my nails out though so I made sure to rub cuticle oil on them and lots of lotion. I am happy I bought this it saves me a bunch of time. It says on the container you can use if for gel wrap nails as well.


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