OMD 31 Day nail art challenge Day 7- Holo

Sorry I didn’t post anything Sunday  I went night fishing after work on Friday and liked it so much that I went again Sat. Night. I did pretty well if I do say so myself and caught 6 fish for both of the nights.( pics to follow) See boys girls can be girly and tom-boyish at the same time :p.

I was a bit disappointed with this polish it is really pretty greenish- blue , but the holo ( swatch is here)  is next to not there. I decided to spruce it up with a top coat of NYC Stary Silver Glitter.

omd nail art challenge Day 7Avon Cosmic avon cosmic celestial

NYC starry silver glitter

Here are the pics of the fish I caught the first night: I fell in love with the catfish and named him fluffy ( Yes Fluffy). And yes my T-shirt says White Girl Wasted ❤

fish 1 fish 2 fish 3

Here are the pics for the 2nd night of fishing

fish 4 fish 5 fish 6


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