Nail Polish by H+M

8-21-2013 3-19-30 PMSo on my way home yesterday I decided to go in H&M to look at their nail polish. I am not a big fan of their clothes, but who am I to say anything I have no fashion sense. The application was smooth and non streaky all were 1 coaters except for Run Baby Run . And I was surprised they were only $4.95, they were running a sale buy 2 get 1 free.  I will definitely be buying more.

run baby run is a shimmery yellow pearlescent. Not sure if I will use it much but I needed more variants of yellow.

Run baby run swatch

blue my mind is a gorgeous cornflower blue I wanna say periwinkle but it is more blue than purple. I love this color! I think I have a thing for blue polishes as I have more than any other color.

Blue my mind swatchmanhunter is a really glossy black polish nothing special, but my other black polishers are getting gunky.

Manhunter swatch


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