#31DC2013- Yellow Nails

I’m pretty happy with the color choice for today I like yellow as it look good on my skin tone and I thing I went a little overboard yesterday prepping for today’s nail art. ( Am I the only one that does it the day before?) So I bought this Bat Girl shirt from Wal-Mart I had to have it, but almost didn’t due to there was a cape that was attached to it. It was removable, but that was not my problem. I was not sure if I was comfortable being almost 30 ( ……groan) walking around with a cape on my back. Then I was like I am almost 30 and why do I give a damn what others think. If they don’t like it they can give me money and I will go buy something they do like.  Here are a few pics with me and my shirt. Also my brother had a matching BatMan hat in the same colors so I took some pics with that too.

batman collageOnto the nails. I don’t do much free hand art and wanted to try out making random squiggles. Its  pretty cool I think.

#31DC2013-yellow nails

Zoya pippa

Sinful Colors why not

Pink,Black,Green, and White acrylic paint



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