Glitter a Peel

I’m still have not posted my nails for Animal print. I was dead tired last night and was just not feeling up to it. I will definitely complete tonight. Is anyone planning one of these challenges with all Halloween Themes for next month? If not you should it would be cool!

One of our fellow bloggers wrote that they used Glitter a Peel on their nails to help solve the hard to get off glitter issues ( sorry I can’t remember who posted it, if you let me know I will gladly edit this post). I soooo had to hunt this thing down and I found it on ETSY. I wear fake nails and when I use  glitter it is so hard to get off and I can not use acetone nail polish remover as it will eat right through the fake nails.I wanted to get this stuff right before the glitter challenge coming up as I would have to either take off all my nails off the next day as the glitter would not come off or just paint over the glitter pieces that were still stuck on my nail after using regular nail polish remover and have lumps.

I placed a order on Monday and it arrived today.  It came in this cute little mesh purple bag.

mesh bag

Along with a handwritten note saying thank you

thank you note

Here is a bottle shot. I used my computer background for a background. (Please ignore my horrible thumb nail I had yet to to take my nail glue off yet.)

glitter a- peel

Here is the description from Nail patten Baldness :

Glitter A-Peel is a clear quick drying basecoat that is applied directly to the nail to enable you to peel off your manicure without damage to your nails.


Apply one or two coats to your bare nail (For me two coats worked better to make it easier to peel). Then apply your usual treatments, polishes and topcoat. I have found that thicker manicures peel off easier (i.e. in one piece) where thinner ones (like cremes) will still peel, but in a few pieces.

When you’re ready to remove, use an orange stick (NOT YOUR NAILS – I know, it’s hard, but try to resist the urge) to gently get the peel started (either from the side or the cuticle line) and remove! As a final step use remover to clean up any last traces of the basecoat.


I will definitely do another post once I use this stuff. Here is the link on ETSY


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  1. I think we talked about it, but I have a horrible memory! LOL! I absolutely adore Glitter A Peel, and I’m so glad you found a bottle. Two coats also works the best for me. 🙂 You’ll go through that whole bottle before you know it! 🙂

    • Great I could not remember who I talked to about it as it took me so long to get a bottle. When I use it I will definitely give a shout out. I am so excited about it as I love glitter and have been using it less to the clean up

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