#31Dc2013-Water Marbling

Oh water marbling, you are such a fickle mistress. When I first tried it it was the easiest thing to do now I have problems left and right. The polish I always seem to choose never wants to spread out. I get two drops in and after that it just stops spreading. I don;t know how every can tell they picked a good water marbling color, do you literly try every color?


Believe it or not the colors I used were black and pink with a white base.For some reason it looks like I used gray pink and purple. I would love to try a more planned out design, but like I said I have a issue with my polish so can’t get it to spread without drying out for me even to attempt anything.

31dc2013-water marblingRuby French white

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

H & M manhunter



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  1. That has been my problem too…trying to find a polish to cooperate. At this point I would choose about any color combination just to have it go right!

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