#31DC2013-Inspired by a Pattern

I’m still here just not getting as much “me” time as I would like. Sorry for the spam of post today I am just trying to get caught up. I have not looked at anything anyone else has posted so far, so if anything looks similar it is pure coincidence.

Also I got a car! Yay for me no more taking the bus for this girl. Yea it has some dings in it, but it gets me from point A to point B. I’m going to name it RuPaul, it was clearly a guy car and I am going to remake it into a girl. I already bought a bedazzled steering wheel cover and am working on the bedazzled floor mat and gear shift.

Onto the nails….My patter was leopard and cheetah. I was at a friends house and she had this design on her nails and I had to replicate it.

31dc2013 inspired by a pattern

Wet n Wild tropicalia

Ruby Kisses French white



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