Blogiversary Giveaway


Wow I’m coming up to a year mark on my blog on October 10th, I’m really proud of myself as I normally start a hobby than move on to the next on fairly quickly and forget about the old one ( sorry scrap booking and crocheting)

I still feel like I have ways to go to get where I want to be on my nail art, blame that on late nights, laziness, or not having all the right tools, but I am willing to learn and will keep at it.

I have never hosted a giveaway before and was not sure what to do so I decided to have the winner pick any 3 of Zoya’s nail polish and I will have it mailed to them. Are you interested in their Winter Collection?

zoya winter collection

Their Fall Collection?

zoya fall collection

Pixie Dust? ( My personal favorite)

zoya pixie dust collection

Or any other of their fabulous lines?


I am not a fan of Raffle copter so I will be going another route and using a randomize to pick the name of people that are interested. All you have to do is pretty simple:

1) Just shoot me a comment of which of my nail designs is your favorite ( if you can find any) and which zoya polishes you would probably end up wanting

2) I will then on the day of my Blogiversary 10/10 put your names in a randomizer and select a winner. I will submit a screen shot so you know there was no cheating.

3) I will then contact you via e-mail to asked where you would like this order shipped to and I will pay for the items and shipping and handling.

I hope I made this understandable as this is the first time I am doing this. Good Luck to all !


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  1. I am torn between the winter and the fall colors, only because of the blues in both of them.

    Now, if that one shade is a pixie dust, then I am back to fall-only.

      • Oh, maybe, but I still like those colors. I just didn’t have time to look them up when I first commented LOL

  2. I loved your inspired by art nails from the 31 day challenge!

    I am loving Payton, Carter, and Yara from Zoya!

  3. Happy blogiversary dear :). Well there’s 2 from the recent ones I really like – your nyan cat design and the galaxy nails.
    From the polishes, def Pixie Dust XD. I like Solange, Chita and Chyna.

  4. Your blog is one day older than mine! How cool 🙂 congrats on the one year! You have been posting conistently- i dont think you’re dropping this like crochet lol!
    i love zoya. I would want a blue cuz i have several zoyas now and none of them are blue. And i want a green pixie dust just cuz that sounds wicked cool. And maybe a nice grey cream.
    Fun giveaway thnx!

    • Thanks for the nomination! I will definitely work on that as soon as I can replying to your questions. As for Nyan cat they do say great minds think alike lol. And good luck on the giveaway!

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