Charming Charlies

Oh Plymouth Meeting Mall thank you for bringing Charming Charlie into my life, If you have not heard of Charming Charlie it is a magical store wit jewelery, purses, clothes, hats, scarfs,nail polish,cell phone cases, and even shoes. The best part everything is color coded! Red is with red Blue is with blue., so if you know you need a certain color to go with a certain outfit you can go right to that section and not have to mess around to pick through everything. I needed a new purse as my current on had multiple big holes in it so I grabbed this gorgeous dual shade purse that was in peacock colors. It goes from blue to purple to green depending how you hold it.


My co-workers nicknamed me the peacock and I think I have taken it to heart, my purse colors,

My cell phone case

peacock cell phone case

My necklace

peacock necklace

And I am even thinking of getting a big peacock tattoo on my back.

peacock image

As I was checking out I went to look at the cell phone covers and came across this bag that looked like it had a nail polish bottle in it. i though it would be clearance nail polish and boy was I surprised, it was a Music Player speaker shaped in a nail polish bottle!

nail polish speaker


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