Halloween Party

So I got invited to a early Halloween Party Saturday night plus the bar I normally got to was having a costume contest as well. If you don’t know me I love Halloween I never fully got to do it as a kid so I take full advantage of it as a adult. This year I opted to be poison ivy from Batman, not the plant. I already had a green dress that had black swirls on it so all I needed to do was get green tights, some fake ivy, and green body paint. I like how it turned out and I did not have to go get a red wig as the color I am sporting is burgundy and it really popped. I will have full length photos later.

poison ivy costumeThe boy toy and I have been planning on doing the zipper face look since last Halloween. Now let me just say I have not make up skills whats so ever all It consist of is putting on eyeshadow to match my outfit and calling it a day. I will have to say I did a pretty damn good job!

zipper face close up zipper face


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