Classy not Trashy

My job has decided recently that they want to make  tutorial videos to help customers that have issues with our website, instead of fixing the actual website. It was suggested that I be in the video.

I wanted to do keyboard nails, but it looked one dimensional and just looked like I had letters on my nails, I really wanted it to have more depth. I scratched that idea and went for something a little more classier. What is  more classy than black and white?  I noticed some black gems that I know I was not going to use much and decided to do a border mani with them. ( What is with me and the border mani’s lately?)

black and white

H & M manhunter

L.A. Colors energy source

black gems

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  1. I work in an office and I am in charge of our website. I do everything I can to make the info on our website concise and easy to understand. I put checklists on there, info sheets, and I’m always re-arranging the site. If people don’t do what the website says, I also email them telling them which button they need to click. They still click the wrong button. My boss thought I should do a video. BUTTTT, if people can’t understand a one-sentence email, how are they gonna actually navigate to the video, click to watch it, and actually sit there and listen through the whole thing? Shaaa, as if.

    • I agree! we even have FAQ’s that the customers do not even bother to read which would solve all of their problems! I think this video thing is going to backfire as we are going to get calls now that video is too slow or not playing. Oh well guess thats whey they make the big bucks and they can make the “big” decisions. I was able to get away from my desk for a hour to make it thought 🙂

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