DTWS inspired nails – Amber

OMG did anyone watch the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars on 11/13?

spoiler alertElizabeth Berkley got kicked off and she is on of the better dancers that I had picked to be the final 3 in the finals. If you don’t know who Elizabeth Berkley you are showing your age as she played Jessie in Saved by the Bell. Not one of the most popular characters in my opinion, but she definitely stood out with her height and intense eyes. elizabeth berkleyI believe Bill Engvall should have been the one to go, not that he is not fun to watch or that I don’t like like him, but he is not as good of a dancer as the other people that are left. This is why these voting shows should not put so much power in the audiences hands. Please vote on the people for their skills not just cause you like them and want to see them make it through the end.


Wow this has been the longest post I have probably ever written. maybe I should make a rant blog.


But I digress onto the nails.This mani was inspired by Amber’s outfit that she wore with Derek and Mark. Damn can that girl dance she just has something about her that makes me think she will make it to the end. Her dress was yellow with what appeared to be black rhinestones on her dress.

DWTS inspired nails- amber

sorry for the sloppiness. i did these at work and had no clean up materials.


The white glitters were really hard to get out and I had to really dig around for them.

Zoya pippa

China Glaze whirled away


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