Avon Nail Art Design Strips- Racy Lacy

Sigh all this overtime is great, but it is seriously taking me away from nail time, but my paycheck ain’t complaining so I will keep doing it till I can’t no more. Even me checking my e-mails is suffering. If you get some odd comment about art you did in October I am sorry.  I was feeling lazy last night and wanted something quick and easy , like your mom (sorry sorry I have resorted to saying your mom after every funny comment I hear.)  I painted my base coat as a pretty base color an covered it with Avon Nail Art Design Strips Racy Lacy. It is a sheer nail sticker with leopard and lace design on it on top of that it has tiny white, pink and purple gems ( not really gems, but don’t know what else to call them)

Here is a pick of the base coat just by itself:

coral reef swatchI like this pink a lot as it suits my skin tone. Here are my nails after I applied the stickers:

racy lacy over coral reefI had a lot of difficulties with these stickers as my nails are not straight they curve a bit. So if I had the base of my nail lined up with the sticker I would still have uncovered nails on the side. I mad due and think these are pretty cool, but they will not be on long.

Avon coral reef

Avon Nail art Design strips Racy Lacy


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  1. I agree, the colour suits well :). Although strips are cool, I’ve found that they’re not for me either. Same thing, my nails might be even too curvy, plus size problems (my thumbnail is huge, others are quite narrow and index finger is flat) Xd

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