Hard Candy: Jubilee, Black Tie Optional, and Sparkle City swatches

These will be the last polishes that I buy myself til the end of the year. Right now it is supposed to be about giving and I am not doing that supporting my polish habit right now. So till next year I am on a no buy.

jubilee is part of the Crystal Confetti collection. The green base of this polish makes me think of toxic waste. The glitter consist of fine black glitter, black and silver hexagon glitter, and what looks to me like orange bar glitter.

jubilee swatchblack tie optinal– I am still in love with black and white glitter and don’t nearly own as many as I want to have. Black Tie is part of the Crystal Confetti collection. It has a clear base with 5 different sizes of black and white hexagon glitter with black bar glitter. This bottle was the only one on the shelf and the top was broken. I so did not care and still snatched it up.

black tie optional swatch

sparkle city-part of the Glitteratzi collection is a clear base with very fine silver glitter with black hexagon glitter.

sparkle city swatch


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