N.A.I.L. Week 1 Snowflakes

I personally think I am getting better,  it could  be that I am slowing down and actually taking the time to dedicate and plan my nail art.

This prettiness was inspired by the background that I have on my phone right now.

snowflake wallpaper

First I started off with a base Coat of Wet N Wild On A Trip. Then  I did a sponge gradient of On a Trip and Ruby Kisses “look at me”purple. Here is a pick before any top coat was added.

On a trip and look at me purple gradient

Next I stamped a snow flake from my Shany image plate # SH17

snowflake on pink purple gradient

I then followed it up with a top coat of Bonita Diamond White.

N.a.i.l snowflake

I had to take another photo showing the shininess.

N.a.i.l snowflake shiny



Wet N Wildon a trip

Ruby Kisses look at me purple

Bonita diamond white

Shany Image plat SH17

N.A.I.L.- December


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