Happy Holidays to you and Yours

Sigh….. nail art got away from me starting around October when I started doing all this overtime for work. I can’t complain as this is I believe the first time that I was able to give my little one all the things she wanted for Christmas, and was able to get good gifts to all those that are dear to me ( I even scored the coveted PS4)Hopefully with the New Year and the end of OT I will be back to painting my nails every other day.

Now time to spread some holiday joy. I am just going to post some of the stuff I love about this time of year be it commercials, pictures and even some videos. Hope you all like it.

Here is a commercial T-Mobile that I just love. I have even attached HappyChrismahanukwanzakah to my seasons greetings to people who say Merry Christmas.

I love the show The Boondocks and this is actually a part of one of my favorite Episodes. Riley is writing a angry letter to Santa due to never got what he wanted for Christmas.


Here are some funny photos then I’m out!

coversqu12-24-2013 11-28-37 AM 12-24-2013 11-29-01 AM


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