New Years Mani

Hello Lovelies!

I am still behind in getting reading all my e-mails so  I will be commenting once I get some free time to actually look at all of your lovely nail art. Like stated before I am a big holiday person I love the different things you can buy and now that I do  attempt nail art I can  do different things to my nails as well.  I got inspiration from this from NAIL IT Magazine.

nail it article- bling

I am very proud of this one so there will be a lot of pictures.

My base coat was Sally Hansen golden-i. I love this polish it has the smoothest application and the gold color is just a dream.

sally hansen golden swatchI added Ulta’s  boogie nights to give it a little more color.

boogie nights over golden-iboogie nights over golden-i with flash

boogie nights over golden-i close upNext I added gems in a flower like pattern.  I realized that I did not have as much gems in the same size so I just used different kinds and I like the way it came out. I was so in love with it I took a couple shots in different ways.

New Years 2014

New year 2013 side viewNew years 2014 with flashSo that’s all I got.. Till next year ladies!!!!

nail it bling comparison


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