Holy Holo + Galaxy Mani

So I am no longer doing any more overtime at the warehouse, but the call center is still crazy. I needed a pick- me up yesterday so I went to Claire’s to buy some nail polish. I immediately noticed Bright Lights Big City which is a gorgeous holo black polish that has a slight texture matte finish, I took one look at it and said galaxy mani. I finally see what a true holo polish looks like and am in love with all the colors of the rainbow.

Hard to capture if gorgeousness as this thing sparkles with every movement , but here is it( ignore the broken nail please)

bright lights big city swatchbright lights big city swatch 2bright lights big city swatch 3Now for the Galaxy mani

galaxy mani left hand

left hand

right hand

right hand


I’m sure that everyone had a favorite nail when they do these mine was my thumb.

galaxy mani thumbClaire’s bright lights big city

L.A. Colors energy source

Zoya pippa

Nail Pops Tiffany breeze blue

Avon pronto purple

Funky Fingers atomic poppy


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  1. Wow, pretty! I was at Claires when we got our glasses in November but I was low on funds. Maybe I need to treat myself to a post-holiday pick-me-up 🙂

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