Christmas Haul pt2

***late Christmas Post***

For the past 2 years we have been doing Pollyanna within my job. The ladies know me well as the person who got me got me a mini nail art dryer that came with 6 mini nail polishes.  I had a mini dryer before, but it did not work well so I am not getting my hopes up that this one will work. On to the polishes.

The polishes are from Color Workshop I believe it is a Wal-Mart brand, I have other colors, but they never had names and conveniently these ones do.

my dream– Is a  metallic bluish green color.

my dream swatch

love me– is a pink creme polish

love me swatch

royal– I wanted to label it a nude color,  but it is like a dusty pink creme.

royal swatch

glitz– Red creme

Glitz swatchInto the Night– a beautiful shimmery gold creme

Into the Night

luxury– clear base with tine gold and medium sized gold hexagon glitter

luxury swatch


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