Sinful Colors Calypso, Endless Blue, and Midnight Blue

I’m in the middle of doing nail polish inventory and try to find out what colors I am lacking. Noticed I do not have that many blues and am lacking in the different shades of green department.  I went to Wal-Greens and picked up a few of the Sinful Colors polishes , one they are gorgeous two they are cheap.

calypso– is a beautiful dark green that I had to have as I currently do not own a shade that looks like it.

calypso swatch

endless blue– is a bright gorgeous blue. I am still adjusting to the new camera and it was unable to capture its blueness.

endless blue swatch


midnight blue– is a metallic blue polish. I had to nab it to replace my Essie Aruba blue that is getting gunky

midnight blue swatch


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  1. You should see if you can find some nail polish thinner – then you can make all your gunky bottles as good as new again 🙂 My personal preference is Seche Restore in the big bottle, as the small one is really pricey, but I know lots of other brands make their own too. Please don’t throw away any of your polish though, they can all be fixed 😀 xx

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