Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Jewel Tones

So far so good keeping strong on posting every day , geez it’s only been 2, but with my record I probably will start lagging soon . Todays challenge was Jewel Tones. Immediately th0ught of this polish I have called Scarab it is a gorgeous blue green polish by Sally Hansen. I was struggling what to do with it though. I remember I used it 2 Halloweens ago for my peacock nails so decided to do peacocks again ( it’s a addiction with those birds I tell ya).

I just got my decal stickers I order off of Amazon it came with 2 sheets of different kinds of bird feathers. I tried to use a green peacock feather, but it blended in too well with my polish so I went for the white peacock feather. I liked it, but thought it was too blah so I added a purple gem to the corner off my nail and was satisfied.

Here is scarab color on its own :

scarab swatch

Here is the mani with the sticker and gem:

nail art a go go jewel tones

gnarly gnails nail art challenge


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