Saved by the Glitter over matching gradient

I picked up 3 new glitters at 5 Below a while ago and am still getting around to swatching them. Funky Fingers calls them neon Glitters, but I fine it a odd coincidence that the names are similar to 90’s TV shows.

Saved by the Glitter- Saved by the Bell

Glitter Matters- Family Matters

Glitter Explains it all- Clarissa Explains it all

My swatch for today is Saved by the Glitter it is a a clear base with multi sized blue, white and pink hexagon glitter.  I layered it over a gradient of like colors.  I am really getting the hang of this gradient thing and think it will be my calling.

Saved by the glitter over gradientRuby Kisses pink flamingo

Ruby Kisses French white

H & M blue my mind

Funky Fingers saved by the glitter


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