Hello All,


I want to post a apology to the girls that I was to mail nail polish too. Something deeply personal is happening to my family right now and I honestly forgot about sending out the polish. Without getting into too much details as I will tear up. It appears my brother might have started using drugs and it is now affecting his home life as his girlfriend does not feel safe with her or their son with him. I am not sure what to do as I have never been around drugs or I am just that naive and am unaware that my friends are doing it. My brother is my heart and I am heartbroken as to why he would turn to this as he is such a positive upbeat person that he does not need to take them.


My family is not sure how to approach him on this as he gets defensive and angry. We have not found proof that he is doing it, but I have know him for all 28 years of his life and I know something is not right.  I am right now feeling helpless as I do not know what to do. Painting my nails helps as it forces me to concentrate on something else other that that.


Once I get myself together I will send out the free nail polish that I promised 2 of the girls that follow my blog. I just felt I had to write this as I need to get my feelings out and writing it down helps.

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