Life Got in the Way-Belated B-day post

I have officially not painted my nails in 2 months. 2 months! The people at work noticed as I usually change my nail polish every 2 days. During all the issues that was going on with my brother and work launching a new system that of course did not work which caused a huge issue with orders going out, I had celebrated my 30th birthday! I had my cry and now I am alright with now having to be a mature adult ( ha yeah right)

I just wanted to share some images of my b-day wishes and of the love of my life Cena.

b-day wish 1 b-day wish 2 b-day wish 3 b-day wish 4 b-day wish 5

For my b-day we went to AC and stayed overnight and went to The Pool. Which is their swimming pool area turned into a night club. It was amazing!

Here is a picture of the birthday hair

birthday hair

Here are picks at the hotel ( there are more, but it hard to get people to send them to me)

the girls in the pooleddie vernon and mejay eddie and I

Here is pictures of my baby! He is getting so big

cena with dans dogcena winking cena sleeping againcena with Giavannacena in my blanket cena smelling food


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  1. happy birthday ! i kinda had a meltdown when I turned 30, but I’m over it now. but, I can’t be sure how the big 4-0 will go. I better be married or prego by then or i will end up hurting someone!
    Your trip sounds fun!

  2. Happy Birthday! You look gorgeous and how cute he is 🙂 I’m still drifting towards the 30 and it’s funny how about a year ago I was thinking that I am so old and now I find that even my parents are still young 😀

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