Christmas Balls

I am so in the Christmas spirit with the nail art and have so many pictures off to the side to try ( no original ides yet). I saw this pretty hanging Christmas balls mani that I had to try it out.

Here is the original:

hanging balls original


Here is my recreation:

hanging balls w flash

hanging balls mani

Sinful Colors midnight blue

grey acrylic paint

N.Y.C. tribeca silver


** Side note***

I got into my 1st car accident ever yesterday. The guy was pulling into on coming  traffic and hit me in my back tire. I’m ok and the car only had damage to the tire. His car had the whole front bumper fall off. The police said it was his fault. I am now so scared to drive now as I expect to be hit again.

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  1. What a cute mani ❤
    As for your accident, sorry to hear about that. Hopefully your fear will go over. I've been in a few accidents, the most shocking was being in the middle car in a multi-vehicle accident. At that point I had no choice, since we were on a road trip in Europe. If you're really scared try to drive with someone you really trust.

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