Happy belated New Years !

Yay, made it through another year with my mind in tact. There sure we re some ups, some downs, and some close calls, but I guess that is expected in the game of life. My 1st mani for the new year is noting special I tried to copy some nail strips I saw and incorporate into a manicure. It is supposed to look like a flower with a stem and a little extra swirl. I used one of my Christmas polishes from the boy toy called    it has tiny red, blue, and purple glitter with tinier gold fleck of glitter.

gem flowerbig city dazzle

This was my new year look. I took some eyelash glue and some loose glitter and put it on my eyes . It was so shiny. Trust and believe that glitter is now going to be a part of my eye shadow now for any themed  holidays.New years 2015gem flower view 2


Side note here is how big my puppy-wuppy has gotten. He is still under a year, but he is a big boy already. cena sleeping on the couch

H&M manhunter

NYC big city dazzle

red and clear gems

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