N.A.I.L.- Newspaper Nails

What is black and white and red all over? My nails…. and the prompt for his weeks N.A.I.L. newspapers. I  I did not have rubbing alcohol so I first tried the water method, this worked, but it was too light for me so I  decided to be daring and use nail polish remover since it contains alcohol. The 1st nail I tried, the thumb nail came out the best then after that I started having some issues. I though it would be cheeky to do a read boarder and incorporate the age old newspaper joke.

N.A.I.L.- newspaper nails


NYC French tip white

acrylic paint


N.A.I.L. January '15


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  1. I love newspaper print :), yours looks quite good.
    I don’t have any rubbing alcohol either and water just doesn’t work for me at all. But I always have some strong alcohol lying around (no I’m not a drinker :P), and from what I’ve tested, vodka and white rum work really well.

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