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Something New

I have just gotten back from vacation from the Outerbanks, NC and wish I never came back. It was so pretty out there near the beach and always near some type of water be it the beach, the sound, or the hot tub.  After my week long vacation I felt ready to try to get back into doing nails again. It helps me relive stress and zone into something other then any problems I might currently be going through. I was looking on and saw this pretty nail art that I wanted to try by fatimattidesigns.  I’m not going to lie around the end my computer died when I was doing the design part over the glitter polish on the middle finger and I got too lazy to do something off the top of my head. My top coat is getting gloopy and I might have to empty the bottle or look into how to fix it.


Sinful Colors midnight blue

Ruby Kisses pure black

Wet n Wild stick it to the man

If you care here are some of my pictures from my Vacation. The house we stayed in was a 9 bedroom rental and it was possible one of the biggest houses I have ever been in. It had its on private pool and hot tub, 2 kitchens, 2 reading nooks,  and a pool table.Each room had a king size bed, a private bathroom, and a private balcony. There was a 5 minute walk to the beach where we combed from seashells and sea glass. On our vacation we climbed sand dunes, went mini golfing, and go-karting. I even took a liking to crab meat while I was down there and caught a fish when we went fishing:

vacation- sand dunes

The sand dunes 

vacation climbing the sand dunes

Climbing the sand dunes 

Beach house- Kitchen

The Beach House- Kitchen 

The Beach house- reading nook

The Beach House- Reading Nook

The Beach House- living room, reading nook 2

The Beach House- Living Room, Reading Nook 2

The Beach House- den

The Beach House- Den 

The Beach House- pool  and hot tub

The Beach House- Pool/ Hot Tub

Work X-mas party

Today is the day after my job Christmas party and I am just proud that this time I came in hangover less. The official office party was great as we played the  Let’s Make a Deal game that I put together for the company.  Drinks were flowing, phone numbers were exchanged, love triangles were found out, and new friends were made. My mani for the party was not muss or fuss, just green and red glitter over white.

Christmas mani 2014

NYC French tip white

My Beauty Spotgreen glitter

My Beauty Spotred glitter

My elf hoodie was hit or miss some people liked it some people thought it was ugly. I told them all I really didn’t care what they though I bought it and I liked it.

elf hoodie

Busy Busy Busy

So  I am a few days behind on my nail art. I went away to South Carolina to see my family plus my cousin is planning on retiring down there so I went to see the house she had built from scratch. I am back home and will get my nails painted to catch up this weekend. Here are some pics.

Here is a picture of me and my little sister.

Diamond and meI found a coke bottle with my name on it!

coke bottle with danielle on itHere is me and my new pink hair !

pink hair dont care

lindsey and IMe getting my Caricature done

my caricature pic

Life Got in the Way-Belated B-day post

I have officially not painted my nails in 2 months. 2 months! The people at work noticed as I usually change my nail polish every 2 days. During all the issues that was going on with my brother and work launching a new system that of course did not work which caused a huge issue with orders going out, I had celebrated my 30th birthday! I had my cry and now I am alright with now having to be a mature adult ( ha yeah right)

I just wanted to share some images of my b-day wishes and of the love of my life Cena.

b-day wish 1 b-day wish 2 b-day wish 3 b-day wish 4 b-day wish 5

For my b-day we went to AC and stayed overnight and went to The Pool. Which is their swimming pool area turned into a night club. It was amazing!

Here is a picture of the birthday hair

birthday hair

Here are picks at the hotel ( there are more, but it hard to get people to send them to me)

the girls in the pooleddie vernon and mejay eddie and I

Here is pictures of my baby! He is getting so big

cena with dans dogcena winking cena sleeping againcena with Giavannacena in my blanket cena smelling food


So along with the craziness in my life the boyfriend thought it would be a good idea to get me a puppy as a early birthday gift.  The puppy is adorable and is definitely doing its job taking my mind off of things. I don’t have a definite name right now, but I think we are going to go for Cena, name after wrestler John Cena.

Here is his adorableness:

cena barking

cena barking

cena sleeping

cena sleeping



Free Giveaway Cover Girl Outlast Stay Brilliant Glosstinis

One of my c0-workers won free make-up for an year from Cover Girl. When she opened her huge package and saw some of the nail polish inside she instantly thought of me. She keep one of the colors that she liked from the collection Rouge Red and gave the rest to me.From what I am reading around the web this was part of the Hunger Games Catching Fire collection. For swatches check out this site here  They are all 3.5 ml bottles.

I appreciate the gesture, but I don’t think I am going to keep the polishes I would not have grabbed them if I was out shopping on my own. I would love to find a good home for them if anyone wants them. You can have them all or certain colors if you want.  First come first serve. There is a dupe of violet flicker so that is free to go as well.

Zoya Spring 2014 Promo

zoya spring 2014 sale


I love when Zoya does promotions and I don’t have nearly as many Zoya polishes as I think I should so might be taking advantage of this one.

Get Free Shipping+ An additonal Zoya Color of your choice when you buy a Zoya Peter-Som Spring 2014 tio click here. The code is PETERSS14