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Tropical Gradient

Wow, I have been gone for a long time. So much has happen. I have moved twice, gotten back with the ex, been laid off from my job, and working somewhere new. I have not really painted my nails in a long time , but this new place feels like home and I am inspired again.

I saw this post somewhere else and loved the colors and tried to recreate it my way. Whomever did this I wish I could extend the credit. I had it in my to try folder for so long that I don’t remember what I searched to find it.


Wet N Wild- i need a refresh-mint

Ruby Kisses – yellowed out

Ruby Kisses –pink flamingo

SinfulColors- 24/7

Pure Ice- hot tamale

Acrylic paint




Pink Christmas

So I have not done as many Christmas manis as I expected, but I felt inspired to create something somewhat original than copy off of what someone else did. I have to work out a my gradient method as it did not work out as well as I planned. I tried the paint the colors directly on a sponge method, I’m just not happy with the color blend it was not as dramatic as I expected. I used some x-mas water decal stickers that I had left over from last year and clear and blue matching gems.

pink christmas

pink christmas 2


Sinful Colors 24/7

Wet N Wild French tip white

Wet N Wild blazed

OMD July 31 Day Nail Art Challenge- Day 19- Ombre

I got a lot of compliments on this one. I always look at them like they are crazy, of all the crazy stuff I have done you like the simplest thing that I can do. Oh well ! My One Friend said it reminded her of the drink Tequila Sunrise :

tequila sunriseI can see what she is talking about.  I had to take 2 pics as the one in natural light did not show how bright the mani looked.

OMD july nail art challenge Day 19-ombreOMD july nail art challenge Day 19 ombre w flash


Zoya pippa

Sinful Colors 24/7



OMD Nail art challenge 2014

Neon Stars and Stripes

So I bought this gorgeous Sinful Colors Neon Yellow with Green undertones called celtic sun. I knew I wanted to do some actual nail art with it instead of just painting my nails. I found the perfect on searching on Google it was on Lusty Fashion under the article Top 10 Neon nail art Designs. It did not say who did the art so sorry I can not give out Kudos.

Here is the original image

stars and stripes originalHere is my recreation. I tried to do the stars look and it did not turn out right. I used liquid from  hollywood walk of fame and picked out individual stars from it as well. I still do not like this polish it is too gooey.

neon stars and stripesI was not sure if I liked the stars on or not so I decided not to do it on my right hand.

neon stars and stripes minus stars

Of course this is brighter in person and I used striping tape to make the lines. I also used my new black polish as all my other ones were shot.

China Glaze celtic sun

Sinful Colors 24/7

Revlon knockout

striping tape

Black, White, Pink border mani

Yay, so happy Dancing With the Stars is back on! The cast they have this year is great and I am having a hard time picking who I think is going to win. I am team Maks though he is so yummy!


I got the inspiration for this mani from one of the backgrounds on the video screen while one of the couples were dancing. I really wish my borders were not as thick, but I still like the way it turned out.

black, white, and pink border mani

Nail polish by H&M manhunter

Sinful Colors 24/7

White acrylic paint