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Baby it’s Cold Outside

I’m alive after surviving a 24 hr snow storm. My town received between 3-4 inches of snow on Saturday. I am not a snow person, but the boyfriend convinced me to go out in it with him and we took some pictures while we were out.  My alley where I parked my car is still now plowed so I have been having to get rides to work.

car snowed in

My car snowed in 

me bundled up in the snow

Me bundled up in the snow

car gettign snowed in

Snow around neighbors car

snow at the local watering hole

Snow build up at local watering hole

In honor of the snow I decided to do some icicle nails for the first time. They turned out ok, but I could of done more to make them pop.

icicle nails.jpg

Pure Ice A list

acrylic paint


N.A.I.L.- April Showers

I’m still alive, but this 7:00am – 4 pm shift change is kicking my butt. It should give me more time to do what I want as I get home sooner and don’t have to sit in 4:30 traffic, but once I get home all I want to do is sleep.  Any who here is my April Shower mani, I wanted it to be rainbow raindrops, but I did not have all the colors. It still turned out pretty though.

N.A.I.L.- april showersPure Ice A list

Sinful Colors ice dream

red, blue, purple, clear tear drop gems

1 mm clear gems Naillinkup-april-2015


Alone in the Snow

So I have not been in any challenges lately, but have come across this on that everyone who is everyone is doing. The site is NailPolishCanada.com.  Click link on official info.

When I saw others entries I remembered a drawling that we had to do in art class when I was in elementary school. It was of a cardinal sitting in a pine tree while it was snowing. As soon as I got off of work I rushed home to get a mani in thinking it ended today, come to find out I had till tomorrow…grrrr!

Anywho here is what I came up with and I am pretty proud of the results. I used one of my Pure Ice mani’s that I usually never use and the rest was all acrylic paint. I’m pretty proud f this one and I don’t say that a lot

snow mani

Here is a photo of just the branches.

snow mani- branchesHere is a photo of just the bird

snow mani-cardinalPure Ice A list

brown,white and red acrylic paint

#31DC2013- Inspired by a Book

Gosh so many books too few nails! This one really stumped me as I too many favorites I decided to go with one with sentimental value. When my great grandmother passed away when I was little ( say middle school age). We were cleaning out her house and I came across a romance novel  called Kingdom of Dreams, now I was still in my Stephen King , Dean Koontz faze so it was the first time I ever read one of these smut novels.  After reading this book I was hooked. I fell in love with the story and after the book got destroyed a few years later. I went out and bought a new copy and re-read the story ( there are few books I will re-read).

The background on the story is:

Jennifer Merrick is the feisty daughter of a Scottish laird. Royce Westmoreland, the “Black Wolf”, is sent by the King of England to wage war against Scotland. When Royce’s brother, Stefan Westmoreland, kidnaps Jennifer and her stepsister, Brenna, and brings them to Royce’s camp, the lives of the two become intertwined. Royce and Jennifer must marry by order of the King of England and the King of Scotland after they consummate their keeper-prisoner relationship.

Forced to accept the marriage, Jennifer’s family try to make the marriage fail by intending to sent her to become a nun in a convent after the wedding reception. Royce beats the family plan by kidnapping her first and takes her to his home. The King of England orders the two families to settle their score in a tournament where Jennifer must choose which family her loyalty lies with.

Here is my kingdom of dreams

#31DC2013- Inspired by a book

with flash

with flash

Pure Ice A list

Wet n Wild blue wants to be a millionare

Ruby Kisses French white

acrylic paint


OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 20

Sorry for being a bit behind. Your going to get a bit flooded with my designs for the weekend.

omd nail art challenge Day 19- 3-dPure Ice A list

White Star Decal

Blue Pearl Decal

I love Pure Ice’s colors ,but I hate how it is on my nails. Within minutes my polish is smudged up. I could blame it on not using a top coat, but I believe I used Pure Ice before with a top coat and still got the smudging.

Pure Ice swatches

pure ice logoI love the names and colors that Pure Ice comes out with. Love the application of this nail polish the only downside and I don’t know if it’s cause I am impatient but once it dries it smudges too easy, not sure if it needs a longer dry time then other polishes, but it happens every time I use it. Here is image of the smudging.

Pure ice swatches

From left to right:

A List


Excuse Me

Hot Tamale

Pure Ice magnetic swatch

Pure Ice Magnetic:

Totally Amp

I still have not gotten the gist of using the magnetic polish not sure if this is one of the best brands to use or if it is just my blimboness ( black blondness). My first mistake was I kept bumping the nail against the magnet. The 2nd mistake is the image did not show through as drastic as I have seen other peoples. If you know of a better way please help!