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Nail art Linkup- Back To School

I almost forgot that I was trying to do 2 challenges at once. To prepare myself for these I do not look at others entries till I have finished my own nails. I got the idea to do a composition note book fro NailProMagazine.com .

Here is a shot of the nail before I pointed the box on it. I did this with a sponge.

back to school base


Next step was to add the rectangle and so accent lines. I know I should have done it facing the opposite direction, but it was too late to fix it.

nail art linkup- back to school nail art linkup- back to school 2


Ruby Kissespure black

Ruby Kisses French white


Acrylic Paint


Fall Into Autumn nail art challenge

So I never did a nail art challenge due to the fact that when I first discovered them I was already into the middle of a month. I decided to try Fall into Autumn my first challenge as it matches the season.

PhotobucketThe first challenge was Back to School so I did a design of a ruler. I used Ruby Kisses Yellowed Out an used Sally Hansen’s Black nail art pen to make the lines and numbers. It is a crappy job and I’m sure I could have done better, but the glitter I had on my last design would not come off so I just decided to paint over it.