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April 30 day nail art challenge Day 16: Tribal

So I have not done a official tribal nail art design and there is just so many things you can do. I decided to do a Egyptian theme.

april 30 day nail art challenge day 16  tribal

Thumb: Klean ColorGold bright with Ruby Kisses HD tinkerbell teal

Index: tinkerbell teal and NYX gold glitter

Middle Finger: Gold bright Sinful Colors Black on black 1

Ring Finger: tinkerbell teal  and Gold bright

Pinky: Gold bright and Black on black 1

Pink,White,Black and Purple Water Marbling

So I decided to give water marbling another shot. I read up some more on it and learned some more techniques on how to do it successfully. First nail ( thumb) came out beautifully love the swirl design, the rest of the nails not so hot. I’m just glad they all came out the same color hue, sometimes I will get a dark finger and the rest all come out different hues even though I used the same nail polish colors. I don’t even want to photograph my other hand as that is exactly what happen. No patter to colors chosen I told my daughter to pick four colors and this is what she chose.

Pink,Black,Purple,White water marbelingBase Coat: Ruby Kisses French White

Marbling Colors: Ruby Kisses French White,Sinful Colors Black on Black, Sinful Colors Let’s Talk, Ruby Kisses Tropical Blend


I don’t know what has gotten into me lately,but I am into this whole angel devil thing.Not in a God way,but a my personality way. I am normally a good nice person, but when I’m bad oh boy take cover. The drinking and the swearing isn’t helping matters either. Maybe it has something to do with my being a Gemini,those closest to me say I definitely have a split personality thing going for me. When I need therapy I’ll let ya know.

Any who, I won a $200 tattoo at a beef and beef for one of my friends nieces who was born with birth defects. I can’t decide what I want to do there are so many options. I want to cover up a tattoo on the back of my neck I let a ex do while we were both drunk at 4 am in the morning (lesson learned). I want to get the tattoo of birds that I have on my stomach shaded in. Then there is the I want a whole new one. I definitely want a sexy angel devil tat. And I always wanted to get a SailorMoon tattoo as well.  While I am still making up my mind I did a angel devil nail design.


Left hand:

Base Coat: Santee Sky Blue

Wording: Ruby Kisses HD Whiter than White

Halo: N.Y.C Lexington Yellow


Right hand:

Base Coat: The Color Workshop Rose Red

Wording: SinfulColors Blacker on Black

Horns: N.Y.C Lexington Yellow

Pics of tattoo thoughts below

sailor_moon_2013_by_mcmugget-d5pjj88.png angel deviltat

Avon how I love you

…let me count the ways. Just got my Avon order finally in. Whoop Whoop! In this ordered a pair of fuzzy boots, if you dont know me I love, love, love boots.

Avon boots

These are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn!

I also had to go and buy a bedazzled stapler, tape dispenser , and calculator to go with my bedazzled mouse. All I need to do is get bedazzled scissors and I will be all set.

avon bedazzled tape dispensor

avon bedazzled calculator

avon bedazzled stapler

Saw this super funny e-card

e card

And of course I could not not get nail polish I got the mosaic effects in Black and White

avon mosaic effectsFrom left to right:

Black Mosaic effect in Black on Ruby Kisses French White

White Mosaic effect in White on SinfulColors Black on Black

End of the rainbow

Maybe I was the only kid in middle school who still wanted to chase rainbows to find the pot of gold at the end. I was always disappointed as a kid riding in the car and spotting a rainbow, I always thought my mom was following it till she turned the opposite direction to go somewhere else….enough of my woe. I created my own pot of gold that I can find whenever I choose.

end of the rainbow

Base Coat: Ruby Kisses Blues Clue

Rainbow: Kiss Striper Soft Purple, Blue, Green, Yellow,Red. Ink Stirper Orange and Avon Striper Purple

Pot: Sinful Colors Black on Black

Gold Coins: gold Bullion beads

Pink and Black cat mani

Sitting at work I could not get the thought of a pink and black mani out of my head. I went home and looked through my stamping images and this is what I can up with.

Ruby Kisses Pink Flamingo

Ruby Kisses Pink Flamingo

Pink and black cat maniBase Coat: Ruby Kisses Pink Flamingo

Paw Prints: Shany image plate SH11 w/ SinfulColors Black on Black

Cat: Bundle Monster plate BM04 w/ SinfulColors Black on Black