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DWTS inspired nails- Jack

Way to go Jack! I am excited to see that he is still on the show. Is he going to be in the Finals idk its tough competition minus Bill Engvall ( *cough* cough*)


Here is my mani inspired by Jacks outfit for the Trio Dance :

Here is a photo of just the base colors. If you notice the ring finger is matte. It is my Avon suede polish.

Dwts inspried nails- jack base coatHere is what inspired me and the mani:

jackdwts inspired nails jack

Sorry for the smudges you have to wait a long time for Sharpie to dry before you can put on a top coat.

Avon Suede effects platinum beauty

NYX ruby red

Black Sharpie

Inspired by Dancing with the Stars- Snooki

OMG I such a old lady for admitting this, but I love Dancing with the Stars. The music, the costumes, the emotion, and the hunky dancers ( ❤ Maxim).  I did post a long while back of nails inspired by Dancing with the Stars outfits. I finally got inspired by this season to do it again. This post was inspired by Nicole’s ( Snooki) outfit for this past Monday night. It was a brown leopard dress with teal or fringes on the shoulders and bottom of the dress. This is the best picture I could find

snooki's dressNow here is my Mani

DWTS inspried nailsRuby Kisses HD  tinkerbell teal

Pure Ice totally amp

Black permanent marker

#31DC2013- Animal Print

I don’t know what happen to me around the end of this week, but the nail challenge got away from me. Thank god I did a few of my nails in advance on Friday. Saturday was a pool tournament ( I am just a faithful bystander) and a farewell get together for one of my supervisors. Then today I opted to do overtime in the warehouse of my job for 10 hrs from 7 am to 5:30 pm. So I was not home at all this weekend to dedicate to nails. I don’t even want to show my nails due to the damage off them popping off as I was picking orders. I’m going back on Monday for 4 hours so there is no point in putting new ones on. I might not be able to have them back for a while. My nails need some serious R&R I have abused them pretty bad.

Anywho I know it’s not really animal print, but I did some water decals that I bought off of Etsy. I tried to make it more animal print them, buy hand drawing a paw print with black sharpie, but I think I could have done without it.

31DC2013- animal printRuby Kissesmademoiselle

Kiss nail art striper Rock Star

Black Sharpie

water decal stickers

Cat water decal