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April 30 day nail art challenge Day 29 Inspired by a song

I love music!!!! My music choices range from everything to rock, pop, a little rap, and even musicals. I was shocked that I could not think of anything to do my nails on. So I popped on my I-pod and decided to try and feel inspired, what jumped out at me was Jonas Brothers- Burning Up.

april 30 day nail art challenge day 28 inspired a song Pure Ice siren and excuse me

Kiss nail art striper in black

April 30 day nail art challenge Day 17 3d nail art

I came home from work today and was not feeling very inspired. I put all my 3d items in front of me and could not think of a thing I wanted to do. I decided to do something simple to take off so I could start on tomorrows challenge tonight.

Sorry for the shitty pic, the boy toy was at work with the good camera.

april 30 day nail art challenge day 17 3D

Base coat ( barely see it) Sally Hansen mellow yellow

Martini Glasses: Kiss striper in black

Lime Martini: Ruby Kisses Neon green, lime Fimo slice

Lemon Martini: KleanColor neon yellow, lemon Fimo slice

Orange Martini: Ruby Kisses Tangerinetangerine, Fimo orange slice

Watermelon Martini: Wet n Wildtropicalia, watermelon Fimo slice

Apple Martini: NYX ruby red, Apple Fimo slice

Avon how I love you

…let me count the ways. Just got my Avon order finally in. Whoop Whoop! In this ordered a pair of fuzzy boots, if you dont know me I love, love, love boots.

Avon boots

These are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn!

I also had to go and buy a bedazzled stapler, tape dispenser , and calculator to go with my bedazzled mouse. All I need to do is get bedazzled scissors and I will be all set.

avon bedazzled tape dispensor

avon bedazzled calculator

avon bedazzled stapler

Saw this super funny e-card

e card

And of course I could not not get nail polish I got the mosaic effects in Black and White

avon mosaic effectsFrom left to right:

Black Mosaic effect in Black on Ruby Kisses French White

White Mosaic effect in White on SinfulColors Black on Black

NYX Swatches

NYX logoNYX is another polish that I acquire when I decide to buy new hair,this time at the Plymouth Meeting Mall. They make all types of polish from creme, shimmer and glitter and also has a nice smooth application. They have tons of colors,but I don’t buy as many as they are $4.99 a bottle.

NYX swatches

From left to right:

Enchanted Forest- green base with green and gold glitter
Ruby Red
Dark Purple
Milk Chocolate
Gold Glitter- sheer gold base with gold glitter

Boogity Boogity Boogity Let’s Go Racing Boys!

Not much of a Nascar fan, though I do know a few of the drivers like Jeff Gordon and the lovely Danica Patrick and I pick up a few phrases here and there like my title ,  but  to quote the great Jeff Dunham’s puppet  Sweet Daddy Dee about NASCA

Sweet Daddy Dee: [talking about NASCAR] NASCAR, that’s another dumbass cracka sport.
Jeff: NASCAR’s very popular.
Sweet Daddy: I know that, I just don’t get it. A bunch of grown white men, goin’ 500 miles in a circle! What the hell!? What kinda three and a half hours is this? [imitating viewers] “Look, they’re making a left turn! Oh they’re makin’ another left turn! Oh they’re makin’ another left turn! I wonder what’s gonna happen next!” [imitating commentators] “Let’s go to commercials. Come back in 10 minutes – you ain’t gonna miss a fuckin’ thing!

My boo had a pool tournament on Sat. if he won he would have qualified to go to Vegas. He played I believe the best game of his life and made it to the finals, but it just was not in the cards he lost.

I was watching his game while holding my breath, but could not not help noticing his opponents nails, she had racing stripes on the tips and I could not take my eyes off of them. I had to have them. I waited a full day before making them as I did not want to remind my hunny of his loss.

Checkered flag

sorry for lack of clean up

Base Coat: NYX Base Coat

Tips: Ruby Kisses French White and Kiss Striper  Black





Pre-Spring nail art challenge Day 14- Re-create favorite mani

This was a fun challenge and I am kinda glad to get back to the days where I can leave my designs on longer than one day. I decided to recreate my Sun mani as it was one of my favorite ones to do. I just ended up changing the colors around.

pre spring nail art challenge day 14 Re create mani

Top to Bottom-

Avon- Viva Pink

Pure Ice- Hot Tamale

Pure Ice-Excuse Me

Palm Tree- Kiss striper