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DWTS inspired mani- Peta and James

So much eye candy this season I can’t even contain it! This mani is inspired by Peta and her celebrity partner James Maslow. He is from the group Big Time Rush, never saw them or heard them, but I have a Big Time Crush. He is so yummy and have you have to see his body, but I degrees this is a nail art blog.

Their dance this week was for most memorable moment and his was that he was a chubby kid and was made fun of  and how determined he was to turn his life around ( and boy did he!). Peta and James outfits were some blinged out plaid nerd outfits.

peta and james week 3

Dwts inspired nails- peta and james week 3NYX siren

acrylic paint

Ruby Kisses blinged out

OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 12- Dots

Sorry for posting so late today. I went tubing this morning! It was a leisurely float down the Delaware River for 4 hours.

So one of my co-works had her nails done  this week by a professional. I liked it so much that I took a picture and told her I wanted to recreate it. The only difference is I did dots on my nails that did not have a butterfly on it and she had her non accent nails in a French mani. I’m really happy how this turned out.

I will be cramming nail art in the next few days as I will be going on vacation to AC Sunday-Wednesday. I could bring nail polish on my trip( Did it before), but I don’t know what colors I want to use yet.

omd nail art challenge Day 12 dots

Ruby Kisses Barbie Purple

Ruby Kisses pink flamingo

Ruby KissesBlues clue

Ruby Kisses yellowed out

Ruby Kisses blinged out

Sally Hansen nail art pen in Blackblack

Kiss striper in white

OMD 31 day nail art challenge Day 1- Pink

July nail art challenge- Pink

I got inspired to do these back in February. I saw this image on Pinterest and saved it in my Try it! file.  The artist is Cynful Nails. It looks a bit messy as I was messing around with acrylic and could not wait for the polish to dry.

Ruby Kisses French white

O.P.I i think in pink

Kiss Striper Rock Star

Ruby Kisses blinged out

Turquoise Heart gem


Swatches Ruby Kisses and Ruby Kisses HD

What is a girl to do, waiting for her nails to grow back so unable to do art on her nails……swatches! I have the free time why the hell not.

ruby kisses logoRuby Kisses is one of my favorite polishes to buy, not only are the colors pretty, but there are cheap as well I get the bottles for a dollar a piece at the store where I buy my hair (if ya didn’t know I have weave in my hair most of the time). It is a creme base polish with smooth application and they also make glitter polish.

ruby kisses swatches

From left to right:

Tropical Blend
Pink Flamingo
Madmoiselle- sheer pink
Teal Envy
Blues Clue
Regaled Out Blue
Neon Green
Tropical Green
Yellowed Out
Orange U Over?
Red Cameo

ruby kisses swatches 2

From left to right:

Red Romance-red base with small rectangular hologram pieces and tiny circle hologram glitter
Blinged Out- clear base silver glitter
Baby Blue-clear base silver and blue glitter
Crazy Night Out-Purple hexagon glitter pieces and,purple glitter, and hologram glitter
All Purpled Out-clear base purple glitter
French White
Steel Magnolia
“Look At Me” Purple
Barbie Purple

Ruby Kisses HD

ruby kisses HD logo

Ruby Kisses HD swatches

From left to right:

Whiter than White
Tinkerbell Teal
Chocolate Romance
Spicy Apricot

Happy v-day cont.

So when I got home for work last night my babe had more gifts for me. A bouquet of mixed flowers, he knows I’m not a straight rose gal. And a basket with a bear, scents from bath and body works, and a bunch of nail polish!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not going to lie even though he got me a expensive ring I was more excited about the polish.

valentines day flowers

valentines day present

Colors include:

Ruby Kisses Base Coat, Blinged Out, Tropical Green, All Purpled Out, Pink Flamingo, Red Romance, ( did get dupes but that is A-ok) French White, Yellowed Out, and Baby Blue.