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Nail-Art-A-Go-Go: Sweets

5 hours , I repeat 5 hours. That was how long it took me to complete the mani for today’s challenge. I started at 5 and did not finish till 9. It did not help that I was watching The Three Musketeers while I was waiting for the paint to dry . I decided I wanted to do a swirl lollipop for my sweet.

The inspiration is this:

swirl lollipopTo attempt the design I watch a YouTube Video which you can see here .

nail-art-a-go-go sweets

with flash

with flash

Pure Ice hot tamale

acrylic paint

Bonita diamond white

gnarly gnails nail art challenge

N.A.I.L. Week 1 Snowflakes

I personally think I am getting better,  it could  be that I am slowing down and actually taking the time to dedicate and plan my nail art.

This prettiness was inspired by the background that I have on my phone right now.

snowflake wallpaper

First I started off with a base Coat of Wet N Wild On A Trip. Then  I did a sponge gradient of On a Trip and Ruby Kisses “look at me”purple. Here is a pick before any top coat was added.

On a trip and look at me purple gradient

Next I stamped a snow flake from my Shany image plate # SH17

snowflake on pink purple gradient

I then followed it up with a top coat of Bonita Diamond White.

N.a.i.l snowflake

I had to take another photo showing the shininess.

N.a.i.l snowflake shiny



Wet N Wildon a trip

Ruby Kisses look at me purple

Bonita diamond white

Shany Image plat SH17

N.A.I.L.- December


Yay, finally it’s turkey day, though I have to say I eat more mashed potatoes than I do turkey. I decided to do  a quick Thanksgiving Day mani before I head over to my cousins foe dinner. I have not eaten all day so I can pig out on food.

Base coat is one of my favorite fall colors Spicy Apricot:

spicy apricotAnd here are my little pilgrim hats:

pilgim hatsThis is the first mani I have done in a while without using acrylic paint.

Ruby Kisses HD  spicy apicot

H&M manhunter

Bonita 1am

Kiss striper pearl gold


I’ve tried galaxy nails before and was not all that happy about it. This time I am a little more thrilled. I normally use, white,yellow, blue and purple, but this time I skipped the blue and added orange and red.  I think I like the blue look better,but this one was not bad.

31dc2013-galaxy 31dc2013-galaxy with flash

H&M Nail Polish-manhunter

Ruby Kisses French white

Pure Ice hot tamale

H&M Nail Polish run baby run

Ruby Kisses red cameo

Bonita diamond white

Wet n Wild on a trip

acrylic paint



Homage to fall

So I was working on the last day of the Linkup challenge which is A Great Read.
I was working on something last night and it did not end up working out so I just did something else .

Here is the base coat I used- it is a creamy brown with silver undertones. It was really hard to photograph. The Polish was purchased at a Ross and for the price of $4.99 for 5 polishes. The Brand is Bonita and I have to say I am surprised with how smooth the application was, I use this phrase a lot, but it was like the polish wanted to jump onto my nails.

bonita 1 amI wanted to stamp a image of different color leaves on my nails but the colors were not coming out as bright as I wanted so I scratched that idea.

1 am with stampI ended up with just covering my nails with Bonita Glitters that came in my set. The Glitters were not all that great  Here are a few pics.

1 am with glitter1 am with glitter 2

with flash

with flash

Bonita 1am

Bonita copper

Bonita gold glitter

Pure Ice totally amp

Camping + 4th of July Mani

My brother called me earlier this week and asked if I wanted to go camping with him as his girlfriend, lover, baby mamma and my nephew. I said sure! I highly doubt it is real camping sleeping on the ground, peeing in the woods camping ,more swimming pool kind of camping. I’m all for the dirty version, I love fishing too I even clean and gut my own fish! I told my co-workers that I was going camping and they were shocked they teased and said I was going to go bedazzle the wild life. I love glitter and shiny stuff as much as the next person,but there is no reason to involve the animals.

I was looking for a camouflage design in honor of my trip when I came across this 4th of July camo by NailPro.com it killed two birds with one stone for me. I got the camo mani I wanted and it took care of my holiday mani without interfering with the 31 Day nail art challenge coming up.

4th of july army camo

Wet n Wild ice blue pearl

Essie Aruba Blue

Ruby Kisses French white

NYX siren

Bonita diamond white

Where I want to be

So I picked up this nail magazine from Sally’s called Nail It! It had some cool stuff in it and I am thinking about subscribing. I checked out their website and saw a beach mani that I had to do, as I had all the tools.


beach thumb

Ruby Kisses Teal Envy

Santee sky blue

Klean Color dessert

Bonita diamond white

Gold Bullion beads

Gold Stars