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Zebra Border Mani

So I was looking around for inspiration yesterday and happen to look a month ahead on my monthly calender( I’m such a dork that I never look ahead so that I will be surprised) and the woman on the page had on a zebra print skirt with a bright blue border. I was like Eureka!  I didn’t do a good job as I could have with the zebra stripes as It was 2am when I finally got to painting them. ( I got sucked into watching movies)

zebra border manizebra border mani pt 2

Ruby Kisses French white

Blue an black acrylic paint

April 30 day nail art challenge Day 20 Border mani

I am totally loving this months challenges. I am learning and trying new techniques out that I have never done or heard of before. Here is my watermelon border mani.

april 30 day nail art challenge day 20 border mani

Watermelon rind: N.Y.C high line green and Klean Color white

Flesh: Avon viva pink

Seeds: Ruby Kissespure black