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DWTS inspired nails- Jack

Way to go Jack! I am excited to see that he is still on the show. Is he going to be in the Finals idk its tough competition minus Bill Engvall ( *cough* cough*)


Here is my mani inspired by Jacks outfit for the Trio Dance :

Here is a photo of just the base colors. If you notice the ring finger is matte. It is my Avon suede polish.

Dwts inspried nails- jack base coatHere is what inspired me and the mani:

jackdwts inspired nails jack

Sorry for the smudges you have to wait a long time for Sharpie to dry before you can put on a top coat.

Avon Suede effects platinum beauty

NYX ruby red

Black Sharpie

DWTS inspried nails- Cheryl

This next mani was inspired by the dress that Cheryl wore doing the Viennese waltz with Jack Osbournes. I’m really surprised at how well Jack is doing as I used to watch The Osbournes and he seems like such a ass. His personality in the show is nice and sweet and he even comes off kind of cute.


The base coat used is actually a really light  purple, but comes off kind of grey in pictures.

dwts inspired nails- cheryl

This holo was so shiny I had to try and catch a close up of the shininess

dwts inspired nails- cheryl close upAvon luxe lavender

Wet n Wild kaleidoscope

DTWS inspired nails – Amber

OMG did anyone watch the latest episode of Dancing with the Stars on 11/13?

spoiler alertElizabeth Berkley got kicked off and she is on of the better dancers that I had picked to be the final 3 in the finals. If you don’t know who Elizabeth Berkley you are showing your age as she played Jessie in Saved by the Bell. Not one of the most popular characters in my opinion, but she definitely stood out with her height and intense eyes. elizabeth berkleyI believe Bill Engvall should have been the one to go, not that he is not fun to watch or that I don’t like like him, but he is not as good of a dancer as the other people that are left. This is why these voting shows should not put so much power in the audiences hands. Please vote on the people for their skills not just cause you like them and want to see them make it through the end.


Wow this has been the longest post I have probably ever written. maybe I should make a rant blog.


But I digress onto the nails.This mani was inspired by Amber’s outfit that she wore with Derek and Mark. Damn can that girl dance she just has something about her that makes me think she will make it to the end. Her dress was yellow with what appeared to be black rhinestones on her dress.

DWTS inspired nails- amber

sorry for the sloppiness. i did these at work and had no clean up materials.


The white glitters were really hard to get out and I had to really dig around for them.

Zoya pippa

China Glaze whirled away

Inspired by Dancing with the Stars- Emma

Did I tell you how much I love this show?  I even took ball room dancing lessons. This mani was inspired by the lovely Emma who is dancing with Bill Engvall. Emma’s dress was a gorgeous champagne colored unitard with red tail feathers and red gloves. The gems on her outfit are multicolored, but when I first saw them I thought they were blood red and that is what inspired my nails.

emmaDWTS inspired nails

Zoya tomoko

Blood red gems

Inspired by Dancing with the Stars- Snooki

OMG I such a old lady for admitting this, but I love Dancing with the Stars. The music, the costumes, the emotion, and the hunky dancers ( ❤ Maxim).  I did post a long while back of nails inspired by Dancing with the Stars outfits. I finally got inspired by this season to do it again. This post was inspired by Nicole’s ( Snooki) outfit for this past Monday night. It was a brown leopard dress with teal or fringes on the shoulders and bottom of the dress. This is the best picture I could find

snooki's dressNow here is my Mani

DWTS inspried nailsRuby Kisses HD  tinkerbell teal

Pure Ice totally amp

Black permanent marker

Dancing with the stars- part 2

Sooo I am still doing designs that inspire me from the show. The one I did last night was still from week one of Karina’s outfit she wore a retro green,blue, and pink dress with tassels.

I originally was going to do a gardient design but It was not coming out the way I wanted it to so I just did stripes. I painted the nail with a base coat of Wet N Wild “s Megablast  Tropicalia. It is a nice coral color.

I then added Ruby Kisses Blue’s Clue and Ruby Kisses Neon Green.


Dancing with the stars

Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally Dancing with the stars is back on. I was unable to watch last season due to I changed shifts and now work 1:30pm to 10:00 pm. Now that I can record TV I was able to catch both episodes that aired this week.  I am so obsessed with this show that I even took ballroom dancing lessons. I was inspired by some of the costumes to do nail designs so I will be showing that for the next few days. So this first one I was inspired to do a design like Kym’s , she is Joeys partner again this year. He did so well and is always full of energy. Here is her outfit :

 And here is what I came up with:  I used a gold background( I had to use one of my stripers due to the gold that I do have was not cutting it) and I attached clear gems of different sizes  to the right side of my nails to look like the gems that were raining down her shoulder.Ignore the black around the nails my previous nail design did not want to come off